So successful has PROComm been at marrying public relations and advertising, that Executive Chairman Jean Lowrie-Chin, has coined a new word – PRAD – to describe the approach which has generated much success for her clients.

With an emphasis on community outreach and creative marketing initiatives, we have created an advantageous and cutting-edge image for our clients.

According to PROComm’s Managing Director, the PRAD refers to the seamless symphony of public relations, marketing and advertising, which has provided clients with a huge footprint in the market, utilising reasonable budgets. “The most outstanding testimony of the successful application of the PRAD concept,” says Lowrie-Chin, “is the work we have done for the Electoral Commission of Jamaica. In 1996 we rolled out a Voter Registration Campaign which attracted the highest numbers of electors in Jamaica’s history. In 1997 we successfully implemented the Peaceful Elections Campaign.”

Some other examples of the PRAD Approach:
The National Road Safety Council (NRSC) has also been utilizing our service in the public education on the proper usage of the roads and this has borne fruit as the number of road fatalities have been decreasing over the past few years.

Saltfish from Norway projects increasing sale of their products by over 30% over four years.

We have also been working with National Baking Company on the Bold Ones campaign to raise the awareness and encourage small manufacturers who utilise local raw materials and create employment in their manufacture of their products.

PROComm is proud of its clients’ track record. Only recently, CVM TV presented the CVM TV People’s Awards to the individuals and institutions most admired by members of the public during the last fifteen years. An islandwide poll conducted by Market Research Services Ltd. Showed two of PROComm’s clients, Digicel and Food for the Poor, being recognised and named the Most Admired Non-Financial Company and Most Admired Charitable Organisation.